Double Decker Hop On Hop Off tourist Coach Hop to major tourist spots in the city

Take a tour of the city in well furnished double decker Hop on Hop Off tourist coach. The coach takes a circular route covering all the major tourist destinations in the city.

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The Lalit Historical Experience Marvels of Art from the Past

Chandigarh, the first planned city of India has a lot of historical tales to tell. Visit the historical spots in the city and know all the tales.

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The Lalit Shopping Experience A heavenly trip for a shopaholic

Chandigarh is a paradise for shopaholics. Shop everything and anything from the popular markets of the city.

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The Lalit Nature Experience Because Nature nurtures the best

Nature is the best nurturer and the city of Chandigarh showcases nature in its best form. The city houses a number of parks and gardens with the best gifts of nature.


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The Lalit Religious Experience Encounter the power of devotion

The city got its name from that of a Goddess, hence the element of devotion prevails here. Feel the power of true devotion, visit the religious places of Chandigarh.

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