Yoga & Meditation

The science of life is the single source of knowledge from which both Ayurveda and Yoga originated. This teaches people how a joyful, healthy, and peaceful life they can have if they adhere to the natural law’s precepts. Ayurveda helps individuals to cure themselves, while yoga cultivates self-awareness and a strong, flexible body.

Practicing yoga helps to reduce the production of stress hormones and increasing the production of neurotransmitters, this creates an overall positivity that can eventually lead to excellence. By training mind and body not to be affected by painful circumstances, Yoga attempts to create a sense of freedom from what causes suffering in the mind. If the mind is not disturbed, then there will be freedom from the pain and suffering associated with all our problems.

Our clients will receive guidance from highly skilled yoga and meditation practitioners at Rejuve, who have years of expertise and training in these life-changing techniques. These life changing sessions in the serene of the nature will calm the mind, awaken the heart, and revitalize the body.

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