Geriatric Care

The physical and cognitive limitations related to the process of aging can make daily life challenging for many seniors as they get older. Geriatric care management or senior health care management is the process of planning and coordinating the care of elderly.

Focusing areas are:

  • Health issues – Addressing the geriatric health issues like Degenerative disorders, Arthritis, Post paralysis rehabilitation, Constipation, Insomnia, Anxiety, Stress, Empty nest syndrome and their solution through the science of life.
  • Geriatric counseling – To assist elderly people in coping with mental and emotional health issues associated with aging in order to improve their overall health and quality of life.
  • Rasayana (Rejuvenation treatments) – Is a unique area explained in Ayurveda, Which helps to delay aging process, to improve regeneration of cells, life span of individual and overall health of an elderly.

Duration: 7 days / 14 days / 21 days

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