Brand Assets

We are one of the leading hospitality chains in India.
The LaLiT Brand is more than just a name. Its a set of values, attributes and integrity that reflects the spirit of our company. The brand assets should be used consistently across the entirety of our creative output. To make that easy, we've put together a package - which include hotel logos, colours etc.

Brand Name Appearance

This is how our brand name is written


When using our brand name – The LaLiT, please capitalise both ‘L’ and ‘T’ at all times.

Our Logos

The signature is the most visible element of The LaLiT Hotels identity - a universal signature across all communications. We use the same version in print, on screen, at trade shows and on the walls of our office. While it is a simple logo, we must treat it with care.

Universal Logo
Property Logos Transparent background
Property Logos Black background

The LaLiT Colors

The colors of The LaLiT are strong and straightforward. They represent the core of the brand using the very minimum number of colors. The consistent representation of these core colors help reinforce the distinctiveness of the brand.



Our Typefaces

The recommended typeface for addresses and names in stationary items, advertising headlines and any other piece of communication is Helvetica Neue Light, Use Helvetica Neue Bold to highlight text. In case Helvetica Neue is not available, use Arial. Use Arial Light for addresses and names in stationary items, advertising headlines and any other piece of commuincation. To highlight text, use Arial Medium.

Helvetica Neue Light

Helvetica Neue Bold

Arial Light

Arial Medium

Our Motif

The flower Motif is an additional visual identity of The LaLiT brand which has to be incorporated wherever possible. The flower Motif is a hue of colours which depicts the young, vibrant and rich culture of our country.

The Motif is a significant form of visual communication that represents “The LaLiT” as a young, vibrant brand typically related with meaning of the LaLiT that is – Playful, Charming & Desirable. The Chakra in the Motif denotes constant progress, innovation & the brand’s vision of future planning.

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