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I discovered V’s sex very difficult to pinpoint

I discovered V’s sex very difficult to pinpoint

The guy almost treats really associate in a different way and it is hard to tell whether it is merely platonic otherwise whether or not there is an appeal indeed there. not, I finally selected my opinion. In my opinion V is bicurious. Really don’t believe he could be totally straight from the trailing-the-views video footage which ultimately shows V is basically somewhat discover and that is more amicable with other participants; but I am unable to thought he is totally gay. I’m scared that it description is pretty brief however, I virtually are missing having terms and conditions, he could be a strange man.

Ok thus i has other a few solutions such as I did with V and you will Suga. The original are Jungkook is completely upright, hands down a ladies’ child. Alternative a couple of try bicurious. My predominant trust is the fact Jungkook are straight. This is for a lot of explanations, no. 1 becoming their straight manliness state-of-the-art. This is not because the he’s homophobic, but it’s since they are be a mature guy, he’s became out-of precious Kookie to help you a sex Jeon Jungkook that desires to browse while the male and horny as you are able to. In my opinion it is a hormone point, I don’t know. Anyhow, why don’t we circulate on to my personal next idea. Jungkook I’m get a small suffocated with all the babying and you may fanservice he receives out of certain members *coughing coughing* Jimin! But he still seems a destination to at least one, if you don’t a couple of players. To summarize; upright but keen on intimate men(s).

You do not possess noticed but doing something which are normally very gay renders Jungkook feel their maleness will be ripped in order to shreds

Jimin ‘s the simply affiliate I can indeed state is gay, zero matter about this. You’ll find sooo many reasons as to why In my opinion it, therefore I am going to simply state many. Okay let us grab a scenario, whenever Jimin found Tony within the…I’m neglecting the name, Hustle Lives? Jimin instantly heated to his co-star (while we the be aware that which like is one-sided). The guy shyly connected hands having Tony and genuinely felt sweaty when he had been complimented by the his dear Tony. It was obvious you to definitely Jimin are experience a destination so you’re able to Tony. Ok today we capture several other affiliate on the scene. J-promise. I believe Jimin possess realized J-pledge are homosexual and that’s why they personally search lured, because it’s something that they express. Although not, it’s become visible that Jimin aims for male desire and you may might be rejected because he’s so straight-pass, boyant and you can likes to show-off their abdominal muscles and if he can to make admirers shout. I believe, Jimin is the flirtiest and most touchy-feels to the most other members. He could be including demonstrably maybe not shy in terms of fanservice. Such as for example J-promise, Jimin tends to overlook the lady idols unless of course they’ve been performing. There are more factors however, In my opinion you get the newest section. Sorry girls but in conclusion; totally homosexual.

To close gay hookup Indianapolis out; bicurious otherwise bisexual and tilting on the ladies

Let me know what you believe! Sorry if i try rambling but I got a lot to say in the an initial space. Could you agree or disagree which have any?

I should forget the typical homosexual man stereotype, but I am not saying deploying it negatively here therefore I’m going to get in the future with this particular. Basically, J-vow was gay. At the very least In my opinion. His overly (however within the an adverse means) enthusiastic character and you may usually womanly dance possess contributed me to believe it. You fangirls and you will fanboy had been treated to help you a beneficial forfeit kiss ranging from J-hope and you can V a while ago and that provided me with particular tip about gay J-pledge are. The guy expressed zero sense of fear and you will don’t see anyway troubled, I believe he also preferred it. I think if he had been straight however experienced good pride you to made him go overboard their hate you stating such things as “usually do not rush me!” Or “I don’t have to do so it!” Rather the guy just got for the inside it. J-pledge may getting really intimate individually along with other professionals and you will I think he’s very happy on facts fanservice is present. J-promise as well as does sometimes skip women idols while they are doing or interact its fun. In conclusion; gay.

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