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Which is show exactly how much the guy enjoys Jaejoong

Which is show exactly how much the guy enjoys Jaejoong

Exactly how much we harm cannot compare with her or him. When we start to fight with each other… up coming SM’s package is actually succeeded.

‘Keep the brand new faith’ cannot state that it if it’s not started from your own heart. Cassiopeia often be you to and become here having Tong fVang Xien Qi. Regardless of the happens , we need to be here in their eyes. Promise myself …. Please, with your cardiovascular system.

Cassiopeia ‘s the authoritative Korean+Around the world lover pub name of your own Korean singing category, TVXQ (????) and are named because of the SHIM CHANGMIN . The equal within the Japan is actually BigEast. Cassiopeia ‘s the biggest and largest lover bar inside Korea, with over 800,100 followers. Users see their concerts, provide the band people birthday celebration gift ideas and perk these with yellow balloons and this signifies hobbies. This new partner pub is formed to the . Along with their fan base, they composed a good fandom revolving as much as TVXQ. Cassiopeia is actually placed in this new 2008 ‘Guinness Publication regarding Records’ just like the 106,000 people enrolled in new club within 2 days. These folks made a pub label Look at (Voluntary Inside the Eternal Wcassiopeia) and you will went along to help poor people. It volunteered to greatly help sick somebody and supporting children who require become well-known vocalists such as for example TVXQ. Particular international fans out of TVXQ that do maybe not fall into the fresh fanclub have taken to getting in touch with by themselves Cassiopeia, despite the fact that try none specialized neither joined members.

Nama CASSIOPEIA ini sebenarnya juga berasal dari nama gugus bintang di langit itu. CASSIOPEIA berarti ratu legenda dari Ethiopeia, dan itu pas digunakan karena TVXQ artinya dewa dari timur. Jadi, dewanya/rajanya adalah TVXQ, dan admirers nya adalah ratu. Cassiopeia ini juga spesial loh, entah ini kebetulan atau nggak, ternyata Cassiopeia itu adalah gugusan bintang yang terdiri dari 5 bintang utama yang membentuk huruf W. Dan jumlah personil TVXQ itu ada 5 orang.. Kebetulan lainnya, TVXQ diubah menjadi nama the far east menjadi TVfXQ, dan jika kita lihat di guitar kompi, huruf T, V, F, X, Q itu membentuk huruf W.

Sebenarnya, nama fansclub untuk TVXQ ini gak cuma Cassiopeia (cassie), tapi ada juga BigEast. BigEast ini biasanya digunakan oleh cassiopeia yang ada di Jepang, ataupun yang menyukai aktivitas TVXQ di Jepang. Dan kalau Cassiopeia itu nama fansclub internasional, jadi bigeast juga bagian dari cassiopeia.

Oh how does chatspin work ya, fansclub cassiopeia ini juga pernah masuk Guinness Business Book away from List pada tahun 2008 dan 2009, karena jumlah admirers terbesar di DUNIA yang mencapai (yang terdaftar), dan yang tidak terdaftar masih banyak lagi. Rekor ini mengalahkan Elvis Presley yang memiliki fans. Tidak hanya admirers nya yang masuk world record, tapi TVXQ nya juga. Mereka dinobatkan menjadi artis paling photogenic karena telah melakukan pemotretan lebih dari 500 Juta kali, di berbagai majalah, iklan, dsb.

Saat ini, baik cassiopeia yang terdaftar maupun tidak terdaftar, jumlahnya 23,cuatro Juta di Asia dan 56 Juta di seluruh dunia. Mengalahkan Justin Bieber yang memiliki twenty five,six Juta di seluruh dunia

Menyukai ini:

Menyukai ini:

We have found several other page to help you Cassiopeia, now out of a Shinhwa fan. Published just a little following this letter try printed. Even though this is composed while in the another day, while in the yet another situation, please read it. We could discover a great deal away from more mature admirers ;_;

Admiration him or her. Sympathize together with them very first before you say one thing once the by just demonstrating you an image of new reddish water, whatever you does was walk away.

Para poder anggota pergi ke konser TVXQ, memberikan para poder affiliate hadiah ulang tahun dan menghibur mereka dengan balon merah yang menandakan gairah.

Just in case hearsay you to definitely SM desired to kick Jaejoong of DBSK and you may SM forced the other professionals to maintain their mouth area shut and never said anything to the press. Have you lost just how daring Changmin is at the period? Given that he is one that claiming out loud into the press when SME stop Jaejoong out, he’s going to tears off of the contract and prevent away from DBSK too. And then he might be straight back while the a n ordinary high-school student. Have you surely forgotten about that?

DBSK is really special and you may very. Reading its voices by yourself can make we rip up. The welfare from inside the music and you can singing are indescribable.

We know at one time Yunho leaned towards Jaejoong’s shoulder so you’re able to shout..because the guy don’t wanted other people to see their weakness. We know there was a time Yoochun penned an email and you will hid they at the rear of the little prince’s desktop named Chim Changmin.

In the event the discover those who log off, there are even people that sit. We don’t have to be 800,000 to be delighted… [ cr:tohosomnia]

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