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The city out-of Senghor is actually a port towards Bay from Senghor, that is a portion of the Temperature Sea

The city out-of Senghor is actually a port towards Bay from Senghor, that is a portion of the Temperature Sea

It’s into the west prevent of the peninsula known as the brand new Kaava Countries throughout the southern area Mwangi Expanse. New Kaava is an effective pygmy tribe away from kech.


In the 2603 AR, when Caldaru traders earliest stumbled on Garund from their indigenous Arcadia, the people out-of regional Boali welcomed them and you may offered her or him an effective parcel to select. The fresh new Caldarus created the town of Senghor about this home and you will made matrimony alliances into couples surviving Boali younger nobles.

In 2618 AR, following people of Senghor found that Boali cultists was basically sacrificing young people inside the Ghol-Gani ruins, it razed Boali, executed brand new cultists, and you may rescued carry out-be sufferers. Perception bad to possess breaking Boali’s hospitality, they then got in lot of Boali students. The storyline provides because passed to your legend, forgotten by the all but a little cabal whose professionals try trained to fight cult revival.


The newest city’s dominant population will be Caldaru, even though they aren’t actually the really multiple of the various people groups who happen to live here.


Brand new city’s harbour try a structural work of art, capable withstand both the genuine perception regarding storms originating for the Eye away from Abendego while the unlikely event regarding good huge naval physical violence by the particular up to now not familiar opponent.


The city hinges on ocean trade, once the regional Kaava Lands build all land routes harmful. It’s a conduit to possess excessively new change out-of Sargava in order to Avistan; change actually having Sargava risks unpleasant Cheliax, together with a great deal more secondary station thanks to Senghor makes it much simpler to help you circumvent the latest Shackles Pirates.

The latest city’s marketplace is the top site on the deals out-of top quality items from the Mwangi Expanse in order to resellers of Avistan to have a good price; this can be compared with Bloodcove, where probably new region’s garbage is actually shipped out of north during the replace for poor merchandise and you will cheap alcoholic drinks. Neighborhood guards, inside their distinctive black and you can vivid red clothing, make certain industry are a rut where to accomplish team.

Government and you may defense

Cheliax enjoys attempted to expose a trade embassy inside Senghor, however, provides discovered that communications was indeed plagued by misfortune and you may ongoing pirate attention. Up to now, none of the could have been tracked back to brand new Senghor authorities.

The newest Senghor navy includes numerous dozen vessels, and you will ensures that no piracy happens in their territorial waters. Although not, they are indifferent as to what goes on elsewhere regarding the Fever Sea, while making Senghor a greatest place to go for folks who are deemed so you’re able to be pirates every where otherwise.

But not, which pragmatism cannot increase to your slave-trade. Slave boats are not allowed to see Senghor, and Bekyar ships are frequently refused admission simply on the uncertainty of getting connected to the slave-trade. The new Bekyar town-states to the south from Senghor have reacted angrily to this racial discrimination there was basically many ocean matches. So far, Senghor features more kept its within these dispute, and some of city’s management try enthusiastic for action because the good springboard having extending the new city’s fields regarding influence-often southwards, or even northwards on Avistan backed Aspis Consortium’s chief feet during the Bloodcove.

The town are governed from the a good council including nobles, priests off Gozreh, resellers as well as the armed forces. Council postings are generally passed down in lieu of select, but for as long as the town continues to prosper discover couple requires change.

When the natives regarding Sargava overthrew its overlords, Senghor sided to the former and turned the initial friend away from newly-independent Vidrian. Both regions display an interest in remaining interlopers out, nevertheless the terms of brand new alliance, which had is hastily finalized because of the Vidrian, was greatly lopsided in favour of Senghor. New Vidric folks have grown in order to resent these types of terms and then force to own renegotiation.

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