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In the a nursing assistant-patient relationships, the quintessential insecure clients are those who’re

In the a nursing assistant-patient relationships, the quintessential insecure clients are those who’re

1. Ms. Castro was recently-promoted so you’re able to an individual care manager status. She condition the lady training towards theories in general management and management in order to become effective in this lady the latest character. She discovers that certain executives has actually low concern to own qualities and you can highest question to possess group. And that type of administration describes it?A beneficial. Organization ManB. Impoverished ManagementC. Country Club ManagementD. Cluster Management

An effective. Management conclusion could be determined by the partnership between the leader’s character and the certain situationB

Answer: (C) Nation Club ManagementCountry pub management concept puts concern with the teams due to the fact first consideration at the expense of new beginning off characteristics. He/she operates this new agency just like a nation bar in which all of the you’re happier like the manager.dos. The woman former manager exhibited passion for helping the woman teams instead of are served. She does take time to concentrate, prefers to end up being an instructor earliest in advance of getting a frontrunner, that’s characteristic ofA. Transformational leaderB. Transactional leaderC. Slave leaderD. Charismatic chief

That it management style is relationship-depending rather than task-dependent

Answer: (C) Slave leaderServant frontrunners was open-inclined, listen deeply, try to completely understand anyone else rather than are judgmental3. Additionally, Ms. Castro notices that Captain Nurse Exec keeps magnetic leadership design. Hence of your after the practices finest makes reference to so it style?An effective. And has now motivational high quality that produces supporters becomes drawn regarding your and you will regards him with reverenceB. Will act as he do because the guy anticipates you to their choices often produce confident resultsC. Spends visioning just like the core regarding their leadershipD. Fits their management style to the situation in hand.

Answer: (A) And it has motivational top quality that produces supporters gets attracted of your and you can connection your that have reverenceCharismatic frontrunners make the followers feel comfortable inside their visibility. They feel they are during the a give if the frontrunner is approximately.cuatro. Which of following results regarding Ms. Castro regarding leaders characteristics holds true?An excellent. You will find a high relationship between your communications skills away from a great commander together with capability to perform the job.B. An employer is very effective as he can bundle really.C. Comparison out-of individual traits is actually an established device getting anticipating an effective manager’s potential lumen dating.D. There can be good facts any particular one private properties favor success for the managerial role.

Answer: (C) Investigations away from personal qualities was a professional tool to possess forecasting an effective manager’s possible.This is not definitive this 1 features out-of a guy do generate him end up being a good manager. It does only anticipate an effective manager’s potential to become a beneficial that.5. She reads throughout the Highway Mission principle. Which of your own after the behaviors are manifested from the leader who uses so it theory?A beneficial. Knows professionals having supposed beyond standards by providing her or him citationsB. Challenges the staff when planning on taking private liability because of their individual practiceC. Admonishes teams if you are laggards.D. Reminds employees in regards to the sanctions having non performance.

Answer: (A) Knows teams to possess supposed beyond traditional by providing them citationsPath Objective concept according to Domestic and couples advantages a great performance in order for other people should do this new same6. That leadership theory states one “leadership are created and not generated,” which identifies and this of your after the theories?A beneficial. TraitB. CharismaticC. Higher ManD. Situational

Answer: (C) High ManLeaders feel management because of their delivery correct. This is exactly also known as Genetic theory or even the Aristotelian idea

seven. She found an idea hence states the leadership style is effective influenced by the issue. And this of one’s following styles best suits a situation in the event that followers was mind-brought, benefits and you can arematured someone?An effective. DemocraticB. AuthoritarianC. Laissez faireD. Bureaucratic

Answer: (C) Laissez faireLaissez effectuer frontrunners is preferred when the supporters understand what to do and so are specialists in the field. 8. She surfs the web for more information regarding frontrunners styles. She checks out about mutual management because the a practice in a few magnet hospitals. And therefore of the following identifies this form of management? Frontrunners believe that everyone is essentially good and need not directly controlledC. Frontrunners rely heavily to the visioning and you may motivate users to attain resultsD. Leaders are mutual from the area out-of worry.

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