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Phase 2: Independency against. Shame and Question

Posted by RajeevKumar

Phase 2: Independency against. Shame and Question

Another phase from Erikson’s theory out of psychosocial creativity happen during the very early teens and is concerned about college students development a heightened sense of individual control.

New Role away from Freedom

Up until now from inside the creativity, youngsters are just starting to gain a tiny versatility. He could be just starting to carry out earliest tips on their own and you may and work out effortless behavior on what that they like. By permitting kids and make options and you will acquire control, moms and dads and you may caregivers will help youngsters develop a sense of freedom. ? ?

Toilet Training

More theme associated with phase would be the fact students need to establish a sense of private control over actual knowledge and you can a feeling of freedom. Toilet knowledge takes on a crucial role in aiding college students develop that it feeling of freedom.

For example Freud, Erikson thought that bathroom studies is a vital element of it procedure. Although not, Erikson’s reasoning are slightly unique of that of Freud’s. Erikson believed that learning how to manage one’s bodily functions results in a sense of handle and you will a sense of versatility. (more…)