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After, Karui beats Naruto as he does not want to share with her in the Sasuke

Posted by RajeevKumar

After, Karui beats Naruto as he does not want to share with her in the Sasuke

Which and you can discovering regarding Kakashi you to definitely Sakura is attending destroy Sasuke herself, encouraged Naruto to search for the woman and you may confront Sasuke themselves

Whenever Omoi and you can Karui face Naruto and you can Sakura from the Sasuke’s crime plus telling her or him you to definitely Sasuke got inserted the fresh Akatsuki, Naruto and you can Sakura was astonished immediately following reading they. Naruto was ready to take real abuse off Karui in the place of promote Sasuke away. If you’re Naruto recovered from his wounds, he questioned Yamato and you will Kakashi for taking your into Home out of Metal in order for he may pleas the fresh new 4th Raikage so you can forgive Sasuke.

When Gaara told Naruto on what occurred on Kage Conference, like the steps regarding Sasuke, Naruto is actually amazed and you will heartbroken

From the home of Iron, new Raikage denied Naruto’s demand and you will berated your having located a violent whenever Naruto pleas brand new Raikage to forgive Sasuke. Naruto after that bend off their head-on the floor and pleading on the Fourth Raikage so you’re able to pardon Sasuke to own his crimes up against his town but the Raikage nonetheless refused his consult. Gaara elaborated he spotted no hope for Sasuke and asked Naruto to adopt their town over Sasuke, to which Naruto stayed quiet and later started hyperventilating he is almost certainly not in a position to rescue Sasuke. (more…)

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