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So on the three days before the deadline, the whole association actually agreed to send me

Posted by RajeevKumar

So on the three days before the deadline, the whole association actually agreed to send me

So we actually ran the ad in all of our Muslim Community newspapers, and uh, we put it through all of our branches and not one person applied, because they did not know it was something that was new and uh, they did not know anything about it. And me not knowing what it entails, what I’m getting myself into, uh, the, the U.S. Consulate office invited me over, um, to, you know, say what type of programs do you want to get interested in?

And right now working with truth and reconciliation

And at the same time, I did not know that how much of an impact this would have on the future of my life and my dealings with the community. So the, we went and I, I went the first day, uh, when I had hit DC, uh, there was nobody there because I traveled some of the farthest and I had my flight was a day after.

The exchanges, um, were so different for other people, but people thought because I was Canadian and it was all almost the same and we think of ourselves as our nation, as a big diverse and cultural nation, building from newcomers

I came, uh, on my own from the airport and everyone was sleeping. Uh, all, all of our, aides and everyone was sleeping. So I was like, am I at the right hotel? So I sat in the lobby for at least a good 45 minutes and there was not even the front desk person there.

I have all my bags there and I’m thinking, okay, this is gonna be, this is gonna be something that I’m gonna have to start to do. So actually an individual came, um, he was a tall individual, um, and he had an accent and he said, “Oh, how are you brother?” And then I assume, because, uh, he presumed that I’m Muslim, he called me brother, that’s the greeting that we give, cause in Islam we consider all of everyone our brothers and our sisters. (more…)

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