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Kara (WantToBeLoved), Andrea, and you can Shay (damagedgoooods), the better of household members, got back a battle

Posted by RajeevKumar

Kara (WantToBeLoved), Andrea, and you can Shay (damagedgoooods), the better of household members, got back a battle

Various other reports, Stark, AKA Josh (Dr Ryder) destroyed the latest #1 he was holding to own basically the history a few days so you can Andrea, another matter whore

To start with, intercourse was a major material away from talk from the place past nights, as Melia (meliamannequin) and you can Ian (SarahImpalin) had been both less than temperatures. Melia claims to not be one, yet s/the guy nevertheless and has now a dick and you can a great Y chromosome, the two big defining real functions of every men. To attempt to safeguard your/the lady, Andrea (Black Fabric), attempted to emasculate Ian of the saying they are perhaps not totally men because the they have kid chest. Even though an enormous debacle is made, Andrea wound-up quitting, as per typical. In the mean-time, Melia’s boyfriend, Austin (Screw The nation), stopped by to try and troll those that were trolling his boyfriend. To attempt to become cool and also make Austin be if you don’t, Ian twice signed, however, unsuccessful because took him quite a few years to accomplish the work.

And so i identified its issue with tonsillitis, yet she states ‘she can’t handle medication’

After, Austin leftover, and you will a different fiasco came about. It ended up leading to Kara and you may Andrea in order to create a keen alliance pitted facing Shay, given that because the Kara said, “She actually is a phony butt bitch.” Shay, powerless, leftover the space instantly, making the individuals nevertheless about room wondering exactly what will been away from which skirmish. (more…)

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