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The guy phone calls it a dolphin shark, since that’s what the supplier has put on the newest send purchase

Posted by RajeevKumar

The guy phone calls it a dolphin shark, since that’s what the supplier has put on the newest send purchase

Dolphin shark fish in local pet store, need info on it 1/6/07 one more question, the local pet store has a fish that’s 5-6 inches grey and slender like a long wrasse but has the head and face of a dolphin. First time it came in but i can tell you it eats like a horse. Do you have any info on it or a scientific name for this creature, how big it gets s it reef safe, have you heard or seen something like this. Its a saltwater fish.

If you need a photo I will take one Monday if its not been sold yet. Bob Fenner> Remora “shark” question 1/ Hey guys! Don’t worry about tank size as have plenty of large tanks and my smallest tank is a 75. What do feed it and how often does it eat? What kind of food is its main source? All of these and more are posted, available to you here through WWM, see here: I would likely see about a return of the remora if you are not researched/ready for this aquatic endeavor. Water changes, stat! I have ensured that all my fish are fully researched and properly cared for but with this remora I am truly clueless!

Also what can do to keep him happy in my home aquarium?

Excite let! Many thanks. My personal recommendation will be to go back the brand new Echeneidae and determine if this was a kinds you would truly wish continue. In that case, follow up with comprehensive browse with the varieties before attempting once again. Hope this will help you!

Remora shark. Echeneid on the cheap 1/ Hi do you know anyone who wants a remora shark He’s 2′? I have a round stingray and a black banned bamboo. Its so hard to feed all of them. If I could find a good home for him I would feel a lot better. Or should I release him into the ocean? (more…)

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